Friday, September 21, 2012

Charlevoix The Beautiful

My family and I vacation
here every year. It's one of those 
towns you can walk around for hours 
just taking pictures of the sites.
 And I love to do just that!

 The following pictures are the
 ones I took this year while there. 

This is the view from the drawbridge over the channel in Charlevoix.

This is a croquette set in Bayveiw.

Pink furniture and flowers planted in a pink tub...who does that! :) 

Such a fun thing to put on the walls in a candy shop!

THE place to be at night in Charlevoix. ;)

Quiet streets.

And I say again... 
Charleviox The Beautiful!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

~Spontaneous photo shoot~
  on the streets of Charleviox!

Goodness, you never know when a perfect photo shoot opportunity will happen! I didn't set out to take a photo shoot today nor did Eleanna dress for one. We were just walking the streets of the beautiful Charlevoix. Of course we had to stop for coffee at Johann's Cafe. As we sat there, talking and people watching, I realized the setting and lighting were perfect! And of course, because Eleanna is a fabulous model, she switch right into model mode. All of these were taken today, spur of the moment. I did editing on only one of them. The rest have no editing.

Here's how they turned out!

And we had LOTS of 
fun doing it too!

**Thank you and major props to Eleanna for being my model! I love working with you!**