Thursday, October 3, 2013

6 Photo Shoots...On Vacation
-Part 2

These next shoots were so fun!
 On the beach in front of our cabin I ran into this
 lovely couple. A Paster and his wife who were 
visiting the area on their anniversary.
Small world- 20 something years ago when
 they got married, they had their honeymoon
in the cabin where we staying!

It was such a joy to meet this sweet and loving
 couple- so inspiring! What an honor to have been able to
be their spontaneous photographer.

The McMurray's

My Stunning Sister

Such a model!

My amazing oldest sister,
Hannah's Family!

They are adorable!

My sweet nieces!

So ends my 6 photo shoots from Michigan, 2013.

Beautiful settings and
truly beautiful people!

Fondly, from Michigan,
~Susannah Flautt Photography

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