Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Photo Shoot

     My favorite time of year to do photo shoots is Fall! No matter the weather it will still be a beautiful shoot. If it’s blue skies and sunny, the contrast of the colors will be spectacular. If it’s grey and rainy, the colors will be enhanced by the contrast with the grey sky and the wetness of the leaves so it’s also stunning. Plus you don’t have to worry about shadows messing up the pictures.

 Both are just as interesting and vibrant.

 Fall is also my favorite season, which makes it even more fun for me!

 Regardless of the season or circumstance, it was an absolute joy to do a shoot with this beautiful family!

You gotta love improv-ing leaves as a towel to clean up a little baby mess! ;)

Such a natural!

The more I look at her face, the more it cracks me up! Little joy!

This family is such a blessing in my life.
Thank you!