Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Hats...

Photo Shoot Opportunity!!!

 My friend Sarah stumbled upon an amazing find: 40 Vintage hats for a ridiculously low price. OF COURSE she couldn't resist! 
 She invited me and a few other friends to come over, have some tea and dig through/try on all these great hats. Sarah also asked me to bring my camera to take some pictures.
Off I went for a day of fun with friends. 
We decided to each pick hats we'd wear for some pictures outside. But... in a moment of total photographers stupidity, I had forgotten my camera.

What's a photographer to do? 

Thankfully my sister Eleanna had her little Canon SD1300 IS digital camera with her which she let me use to take the following pictures. 
Crisis averted! 



         Behind the scenes.


Behind the scenes.

Sometimes its fun for a photographer to get in front of the camera. :) Thanks Eleanna for taking these pictures!


So despite having to recover from my photographer's blunder and improvise with someone else's graciously lent camera, I still got to: do mini photo shoots, play with Vintage hats, have a tea party, and all around have a lot of fun with great friends. I'd say the day was a success! :) 

Thank you Sarah for making it such a fun day! :)