Saturday, July 20, 2013

On The Streets:
Adventures in Nashville!

I've lived 30 minutes from Nashville all my life and yet I really haven't spent that much time there which is a bummer. So the other day my dear sweet friend Hannah, my sister Eleanna, Halley (a lovely friend from out of state) and I all decided to venture into Nashville! These are some of the things we found...

Hillsboro Village!

These buildings are so colorful and pretty!

In the midst of a sea of lovely books she's... on her phone?

I just love Eeyore! 

Such a beautiful window display!

Coffee Time!

They have such creative coffee drinks. I wanted to try them all!

This was the "Grey Skies". Really good!

In case you can't remember the type of drink, don't worry, they have charts with the proportions!

Delicious salad!

Latte Art!

The walls in this place are awesome!

So much silliness and laugher with these friends!
(Thanks to the lovely Eleanna for this shot of me!)

Back to the streets.

Things were already closed but we had fun window shopping anyway!

Chandelier inside a metal globe -fantastic!

Classic window picture of Hannah and me! :)


On a gas station sign!

My amazing photography buddy!

Halley ran all the way across the street to get a magnolia flower... she's THAT hardcore!


Apparently this was the perfect spot for it...

Folk Musicians.

These gentlemen are incredibly talented and also super nice guys! It was so cool getting to hear them!

Car Tour

Such great friends!

(Thanks to the beautiful Hannah for this shot!)

And so we came to the end of our adventuring... at least for now! ;) It was an amazing day of laughter, reconnecting and exploring!
These are some amazing ladies!
 My heart is so blessed by them!

Fondly from an adventurer,
Susannah Flautt Photography