Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chelsea Market
and The High Line!
New York City

In my last post, If You Like Coffee... Part 2 New York City!, I said I'd be putting up a post on Chelsea Market... HERE IT IS! (plus our views from The High Line.)

Chelsea Market is a beautiful building from the 1890s. This building was a factory that produced things like Premium Saltines, Vanilla Wafers, Fig Newtons, Barnum's Animal Crackers, aaand OREOS! (so grateful!)

In the 1990s the building was renovated. Now the upper floors are rented out. The third floor is Food Network! The lower floors are used as a place for shops and restaurants. (Kind of like The Franklin Factory)

It still has some of that old world charm from the factory that it used to be. Little reminders here and there.

I think this table, made out of some kind of machinery, is fantastic!


 Wall art! I love this. (The picture on the right is the wall in between the elevators made up of safety deposit box covers.)

 I love what they did to this elevator! Check out the working stoplights that turn green and red when the doors open and close. 

These safely deposit boxes are above the elevator doors, hanging off the ceiling... what!

The Shops!

So many!

Of course we had to get some tea! We got Mango Chile Pineapple. And it was tasty!

 SO many teas and spices.

 I think this opening in the wall is just beautiful! Fun fact: That light on the floor is not from a window. Its a lighted faux window built into the floor!

Cull & Pistol

These are the hanging lights that they have everywhere...

BUTTERFLIES! You know this makes me happy!

A local cookie shop. How cool is that!?

They have edible pens and a ton of white iced cookies so you can color your own. Such a fun idea!

 And look what I found... Butterflies! 

This place is fantastic!

So many wonderful flavors!

These two!

This was a really fun place.

Vintage clothing booth!

There were lots of different kinds of booths.

This is where our adventures ended in the Chelsea Market. A place with amazing environment, wonderful shops and a fun history!

After we left there we stayed 
in Chelsea and went to
The High Line!

Built between 1929 and 1934, it's purpose was to lift the trains above city level so it wasn't as dangerous to people.

 Not used for trains anymore, it's now a walking park with beautiful high views of the city.

They use some of the railroad tracks like planters. Lovely!

They built these great lounge chairs on top of the tracks facing the amazing views!

Because these tracks were above street level the trains would pull into the buildings at the second story level to unload. 

The Views!

"Find your repurpose."

So there you have it. A glimpse of 
Chelsea, inside and out. A beautiful piece
 of New York City! If you get the chance to 
see it you definitely should!

There are treasures like these in every town! I hope this post gets you excited to 
go out adventuring in your own town and 
have fun discovering them. 

Find the beauty around you!

~An Adventurer
~Susannah Flautt Photographer