Friday, July 6, 2012

Surprise visits... Photo opt!

Warning: Your adorableness might end up on my blog.

My sister Hannah stops by our house through out the week for any number of reasons. It's so great she lives close by and can do that!  The other day when she came over it was such a gorgeous day, plus our rose bushed were in full bloom, so we decided to go outside in the garden...

How could I resist?! 

Bella in her ballet outfit.
 So precious!

Beautiful ladies!

Funky angle for fun.

Sweet Lily!

To-be-planted flowers by
 the Pump Garden.

Guess who I found hiding in the tomato plant?

 Meet Mr. Flog.

It was such a fun afternoon full of beauty, laughter and spontaneous photography.
 It was a good, good day!