Friday, June 28, 2013

Tea Picnic!

Picnics are the beeeest! This year I'm really trying to embrace spending more time outside in the fresh air instead of being stuck inside. There is almost nowhere quite as lovely or inspiring as God's creation. Reading there is a delight! 

With this in mind, an idea was formed. I decided to have my tea outside! I took my tea, reading and quilt out to my favorite reading tree. But what quilt would be complete without lovely companions?!  Thus ensued a marvelous afternoon with my sisters!

 So here you are- our tea picnic!

 Annaliese read a short passage to us from (get ready for this name)
"The Rhetorical Manual or Southern Fifth Reader: Embracing Copious and Elegant Extracts both in Prose and Poetry. With A Treatise on Rhetorical Figures, and the Principles of Elocution." From 1853.
Needless to say -it was hilarious!

The Tea!

Meringues Eleanna made- yummy!

Peppermint green tea.

Little Bit stopping by for a visit. :)

I started reading the manuscript for one of Annaliese's books- it's sooo good!

This is what we had to do to keep the flies away from our delicious tea. haha

All in all,
 a lovely and entertaining afternoon!

~Susannah Flautt Photography

Monday, June 17, 2013

Self-Portraits and Clothing Discoveries!

This is the first time I've ever done self-portraits. I had to set everything up so that it was exactly the right angle/lighting etc. to capture what I wanted. It was actually pretty fun! 

I did the shoot in our Tea Room at my house.
Here's the setup-

I needed height so I used the chairs.

This bench was only in the picture with the accessories but you get the idea of the proportions.

The Shoot!

I'm a huge thrift store shopper! I love finding inexpensive clothing and piecing them together to make fun and cheap outfits! There are SO many things you can do with outfits if you just let creativity loose! 
This is an outfit I just discovered the other day from clothes I already had in my closet!

This dress on me is quite unfortunate. It's too short. And too low hence why I'm wearing a t-shirt under.

The Solution-
Tuck in the top, take it to natural waist, put a safety-pin in the back and wrap the ties around the waist, tying it.

This is the shirt and also because the skirt was still a little too short I'm wearing another skirt from my closet.

Time for the accessories!   

And Voila!

Thanks for letting me share my first self-portrait shoot! 
I hope you even got some outfit ideas for yourself too!

~Susannah Flautt Photography
~A Thrift Shopper

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If You Like Coffee...

Must visits!

Confession- I am obsessed with coffee shops. Like... obsessed! I can't get enough of them! It's not just the coffee either, it's the environment. Unrushed, inviting, creative and inspiring. Quiet and yet always in motion. Walking into a place like that makes me feel exuberant!

 I have had the privilege of going to a lot of coffee shops. Amazing ones at that! I wanted to share two of them with you. I actually discovered both of these fantastic places in the same 24hrs- I was elated! If you don't know about them or haven't gone- don't think, just go! :)

High Brow Brew.
Franklin, TN

This delight is in Westhaven area near Harris Teeter. It's wonderful! 
(If you want more info you can go to-  )

Barn wood, Galvanized metal, Edison Bulbs and Mason jar lights... need I say more?!

Plus this chandelier is just fantastic!

 They have a really creative menu and the two baristas I met while I was there were super sweet!

Checkout the handle!!!! :D 
They also have one with a cow handle!

Sugar and Molasses. 

Country chic decor.

What a JOY being spontaneous with my family and discovering spots like this!

(P.S. please forgive the photo quality of the above pictures. I had to get creative and use my phone for these.)

Barista Parlor

I found out about this awesome place from my dear friend and "coffee buddy". I don't get up to Nashville that often but when the opportunity appeared I jumped at the chance to visit this coffee shop! 

(If you want more info you can go to-  )

Vintage, Navy, reclaimed wood, Edison Bulbs, Urban, with a touch of "Happy Days" thrown in. All equals- spectacular! 

Oh yeah did I mention they keep the doors open on a nice day!

Crazy cool art.

Bright and industrial inside.
P.S. Who can spy a fellow photographer? With the extremely cool vintage camera!

They have 40's-ish music coming from these vintage speakers... it was amazing!

I think it's really neat that the coffee counter is positioned in the center of the room.
Props if someone can tell me the name of the coffee maker thing in the left side of this picture! Hannah and I couldn't remember. 

This is what you take to your table so they know where to bring your food. Fantastic, right!

Latte and waffles with strawberries and a bourbon maple syrup.

Plus this place has some amazing lights.

There is a huge book shelf with lots of little things they are selling including cups, coffee and imported chocolates.


What a delight to finally get to experience this wonderful coffee shop and with this beautiful friend as well! Could not ask for a better coffee shop adventurer!

So my lovelies,
 If you ever find yourself in the Nashville/Franklin area and are in need of a stellar coffee shop, the Barista Parlor and High Brow Brew are where it's at!

I hope you enjoy them and are every bit as inspired by them as I am!

Happy coffee adventuring!

~Susannah Flautt Photography
~Coffee Shop Enthusiast