Thursday, January 16, 2014

Live Joyously!

Resolutions to take into 2014...

Seek first the Kingdom- Be still and know He is God!

Delight in every moment!

Praise Him through the storm...

 ...because He can redeem and bring new life from the decay!

Dance in the light of His Presence!

Discover sweetness in the world! 

Pour into someone else's heart and life!

 What would you see if you changed your focus?

Celebrate new things in life!

 Broaden your horizons!

 Be light to those around you!

Most of all... 

Keep your eyes open wide...focused; expectantly waiting to see the wonder God will bring to you this year!

Don't miss it!

 Pure and simple, uncompromising JOY be yours!

Susannah Flautt Photography